Louis “I hate gay rumours but I’m just going to casually wear this shirt displaying one of my tattoos that is constantly related to the rumours I hate and then take pictures with fans so I’m sure everyone sees it, even though I’m usually not seen for days and days at a time” Tomlinson


[louis tomlinson voice] gREEN APPPLLLEE EE E !!! 

make me choose
blacksmithgendry asked: ginny weasley or luna lovegood


if youre wondering why im sewing all these tiny underwears and laying them on the floor its because i want all these spiders in my house to put them on. sick of them dragging their tiny spider dicks all over my clean floor

9 random photos of zayn malik (x)



"A Sticky Situation" (1960) by Carl Barks

I like how advertising is literally still exactly as sexist as they’re joking about in this comic from 54 years ago.